Every Day is an Opportunity to Be Heroic

So, the other day, while walking my dog, I saw a painted stone in a street corner planter that said, “Every day is a fresh start.” Despite it being ridiculously cheesy and stereotypically Brooklyn, I loved it. Really, there is nothing like a fresh start – doing something new, speaking a newfangled truth, a new adventure. With this spirit, I am so excited to announce our new venture – Spartoi Group.

It is no surprise to most people that the staffing industry sucks – for the most part, it treats people like product – on all sides. And it is not necessarily the fault of recruiters. When your product is people, if you are not careful, you can start seeing people as product. It was a trap I fell into earlier in my career. What’s more, large conglomerates have started to view staffing as a commodity, focusing on requisition to resume submission ratios, instead of tracking quality metrics that speak to successful engagements.

After years embedded in that environment, we started to see staffing as a commodity. And in a way, it is — until it isn’t.

When we really looked at it, we saw that professionals at the highest levels really wanted to work with other high caliber people. It was these folks who we loved working with the most. They were the ones our favorite clients appreciated above all others. Besides, we have more fun with professionals and clients who look to create partnerships for a greater purpose. We were inspired by making a difference in their careers, by putting them in opportunities that challenged them, gave them something to wake up in the morning.

And then, it hit us. Most talk around the gig economy spoke to people as product – just in time inventory, employment exchanges, labor arbitrage. These phrases interact with people as just another cog in the wheel. And perhaps there are situations where this is the case – there are plenty of companies and industries that interact with labor as a commodity. Retail is an obvious example, and yet, companies that view employees as a resource consistently report better results.

The clients that we found had the most refined ability to notice and appreciate those heroic few turned out to be niche market Management Consultancies. So, we built a company that would connect these two groups of people.

Spartoi Group: Because Business Needs Heroes – We Cultivate Heroic Teams that Save the Day.

We bring an intrinsic capacity to empathize and listen for what is needed so we can meet our clients and Heroes where they are and provide them with the challenges they crave. We are relentless in our quest to make a difference and speak to the truth our employees and clients seek.

So if you are a Hero who is tired of business as usual or if you are in need of a transformational Hero – we invite you to join us. So far it is a great ride.

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