Regulatory/Compliance Implementations

The rules are always changing and reporting requirements are arduous. Health Care, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Energy all have complex layers of compliance and demanding regulatory reporting burdens. You know that regulatory implementations require a small army of subject matter experts, data professionals and all around heroic project managers who have done this kind of thing before. With Spartoi you don’t need to maintain a standing army. When you have a new project you don’t need to scramble. We know the Heroes you need and can get them to you exactly when you need them, only for as long as you need them.

Case Studies: Our client, a mid-sized management consultancy was engaged to revamp and centralize a legacy regulatory reporting process that was sending contradictory reports to regulators across different divisions. The mandate required a staff 500% larger than our client’s total bench. With Spartoi they were able to take on the entire 18-month engagement and maintained exclusive control over the entire project.

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