24% Appointments at Fortune companies
18% YoY growth in appointment bookings
17% Average cost reduction on the client side
2X Faster sales cycle

Drive Tech Growth with Spartoi: Your B2B Specialist

To hit revenue targets, various tactics can be employed, but elevating sales is the direct game-changer. The modern landscape, however, makes engaging B2B buyers more complex, sales cycles unpredictable, and retaining sales talent tricky. This dilemma leaves sales leaders in a bind, seeking cost-effective yet consistent business avenues.

Enter Spartoi Group 

Our team of business development professionals integrates with your sales team. We specialize in curating lead lists, rolling out campaigns, coordinating appointments, and even clinching and initiating new client relationships.

Sales-as-a-Service Offerings

Reach out to decision-makers and win more business by building an extended sales pipeline with our demand generation services

B2B Appointment Setting

Utilize our flagship service to secure appointments with key decision-makers at leading enterprises to drive business growth.

Prospecting/Lead Generation

Accelerate sales with our proven lead generation strategies to identify the right prospects, build relationships, and achieve your goals.

Lead Nurturing

Create a steady pipeline for your sales funnel with our omnichannel outreach that carefully nurtures leads for optimum results.

Market Research & Customer Profiling

Benefit from targeted outreach driven through the best sales channels based on your target audience and extensive market research.

Account Management & Service Delivery Support

Experience a smooth service delivery with a dedicated sales team guaranteeing seamless
project execution and adherence to KPIs and guidelines

Step 1Project Conception

  • Project Objectives & Expectations
  • Project Deliverables & Timelines
  • Communication Guidelines

Step 2 Planning

  • Dedicated Sales Resource Allocation
  • Training & Brand Orientation for SDRs
  • Define Buyer Persona
  • Define Customized Sales Scripts
  • Define Performance KPIs

Step 3 Execution/Appointment Setting

  • Target Account/Company List Building
  • Contact Discovery Activities
  • Calling Outreach
  • Emails Outreach
  • LinkedIn/Social Media Outreach
  • Follow-ups & Re-engagement

Step 4 Reporting & Governance

  • Weekly Connects
  • Appointment & Sales Outreach Reports
  • Monthly Connects/QBRs