Be A Hero

  • You are heroic – but you keep your supersuit under your shirt…
  • You are dissatisfied with the status quo
  • You see a path forward that would make things better
  • You are an agent of change
Spartoi Group allows you to be the Hero you always wanted to be.
  • We are committed to your greatness.
  • We facilitate your heroism and have developed tools that will allow you to be successful and knock down barriers.
We are not for everybody and neither is consulting
  • We have found that folks who are most successful in consulting are highly adaptable, have a good nose for finding the rules of the road and don’t shy away from work.
How we find heroism – our process
  • Our screening process is extensive. In our space – fit matters. Our method consists of an exploratory phone call, a suite of assessments that looks at suitability for the specific peculiarities associated with consulting. We finish it all up with an in depth behavioral interview. This allows us an uncommon view into your background and a defined ability to advocate for your candidacy.
  • We will always let you know where you stand – where you are with our process and our clients.
Up and Away – Cultivating your Heroic Career
  • We know we ask a lot of our consultants and we are committed to offering value. We hold ourselves as agents to your career and will do whatever we can to ensure your success. Interview training and a coaching process that advances your career are just a start. Ultimately we hold ourselves accountable for your career success.

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